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As an entrepreneur or a business executive, you will need to come up with brand names from time to time. Definitely, you are aware that for your company to remain fresh and sassy, it must continue employing innovativeness in its operations. Being innovative means developing new brands after a given period. However, coming up with a name for a new brand is a challenge.

First, your new brand must perform better than the current one. Also, it must attract new customers. One approach for developing brand names is brainstorming. Here, you bring your company minds together to come up with an ideal name for your new brand. But how do you do it? Here are three brainstorming tools to make your brand naming a wow experience:

Google search

When you set on your brainstorming session the first place to land on is the search engine. Or is it Google-storming. Aha! If you didn’t know, Google is the best place to search for your brand names. The process begins with typing the names you desire to call your brands. Then, you can compare them with your competitors. Also, you can check which name is more attractive than the other. And there you are. After you are through with the brainstorming session, you will have come up with a catchy and appealing brand name.

Your lovely oldie music

Do you know music is a great inspirer when it comes to brainstorming sessions? Well, most popular brands you know have a connection with old rock and jam music. As you know, musicians use words that are appealing and with an emotional effect. So, what will happen when you take a phrase from the music and attach to your brand? It will come with the same effect it had on the music.

As such, when going to your brainstorming sessions, take with you a disk with inspirational music or turn on to iTunes and other online libraries. Give it a trial.


You know Thesaurus? If not, it is a platform for finding synonyms. The platform is essential in brainstorming as it helps you to come up with an unfamiliar name which has a similar meaning to commonly used names. Through it, you can develop unique names for your new brands that will inspire, attract, and appeal to the target market. So, before deciding what to call your brand, check for a synonym on Thesaurus.

 Next time you go to a brand name brainstorming session, do not forget to take with you one or all of the above tools.