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Making errors is a usual way of learning. While naming your business, it is very likely you won’t grab it in the first trial. Often, on this stage, you may find yourself choosing a long business name thinking it is the perfect option. However, catchy and memorability is two medals that a good name must win. Remember, the name of your venture is the business conversation kick starter. It is not all about what you do.

Also, naming your business is the first critical decision. It will determine whether your business will head north or will go south immediately you launch it. Here are three killer errors to avoid when naming your business:

Ignoring a trademark search

How would you feel if you launch your business, start active marketing and promotion, only to find that the name you are using is someone else property? Definitely, this can be a heartbreaking moment.  While you might think you are developing a unique business name, it is possible that somebody came up with the exact name some days ago. In this regard, you should avoid the mistake of not consulting Google to check on the patent and trademarks. If they are not available, you need to move on and register it as your trademark.

Going for generic names

Even though simplicity is a requirement when naming your business, you should not go for generic names. For instance, you call your business 123 ltd. How would one determine the services you offer or which industry you operate in? Remember, being unique is the other requirement for simplicity. When you look so common, people will see you as a joker. No one will expect a serious entrepreneur name his/her business XYZ or ABCD. As such, if you want to attract customers and sound professional, always avoid generic terms as your business names.

Testing your vocabularies

Naming a business should not involve taking a dictionary and finding the newest word. The goal of your customers is to remember your business name the next time they want to shop. They do not have an interest in what it means. Hence, do not use the process to show your fluency in English or any native language. You need to attract customers not fans or potential students.

For this reason, keep your dictionary for checking meanings after reading newspapers or business journals. So, to stand out, avoid using vocabularies and complicated words as your business names.